PiWars 2020

By a strike of beginner’s luck,

Team unPi, me & Miss A. were accepted at PiWars 2020 in the beginners’ category.

PiWars Compete Ready

PiWars is a competition for schools or teams of hobbyists who build small robot cars or vehicles controlled by an Raspberry Pi mini computer, similar to our unPi PC; the event is held every year in Cambridge, UK during the last weekend of March.

PiWars consists of various challenges which teams must solve in an autonomous (where only the onboard Raspberry Pi computer controls the robot) or a remote controlled way. Juniors are welcome to participate in teams (with adult supervision) and are usually very fond of handling the remotes, and winning.

Lets hope all goes well, and we manage to blog all our way towards PiWars 2020, plus vlog from there too 😎

Prepare the Engines!

PiWars Assembly Work Starting

Written on October 27, 2019