at Number 10

As countries were forced to enter lockdown due to the aggresivity of the new COVID-19 virus, the Raspberry Pi Robotics Competition PiWars was forced into a virtual event for 2020, where particpant teams would submit short videos (max 6 minutes long) about their robots, their tactics and especially their progress.

We were more than happy to create our team unPi video for the virtual PiWars 2020, and to spend the better half of a day watching all 28 competing team videos. The winning teams in the virtual PiWars 2020 competition were decided by a group of judges, plus there was a section for the public vote too.

Thanks to a few public votes, our team unPi got place #10 in the Public Vote for Favourite Robot, definitely a good place for a beginner team who will try harder to make a splash at the PiWars 2021 edition, when it comes.

Stay Safe && Go RO bots!

Written on May 10, 2020