the RVR

As hinted at the beginning of 2020, our robo-hopes for PiWars 2021 hinge on the Sphero’s RVR design.

The RVR fits neatly the competition’s size requirements, has an extendable design as pictured in our short presentation for PiWars 2020 and we hope to be able to equip it, program it and tune it up for each one of the PiWars 2021 at Home challenges.

Mid (2020) year, our RVR looked colorful and playful, …

first RVR

… but once Ciprian dusted it off in preparation for PiWars 2021, the obvious truth permeated the dreamy, fluffy clouds: the flashy Display-o-Tron HAT conflicts at the GPIO level with our fancy reSpeaker 4 microphone array we intented to use for Voice Commands. Oh well, time for a small re-design.

Follow our blog for more last minute suprises we bumped into while equipping our RVR for competition.

Written on December 29, 2020