PiWars 2021

It’s old news by now, Team unPi got automagically accepted and later confirmed for PiWars 2021 at Home plus allowed to represent both Romania and Finland in this small robotics competition. Yay!

How come automagically? Due to COVID-19 the on-site PiWars 2020 was forced into being an all online, 5 minutes robot presentation contest for all accepted teams. This break gave organizers time to brainstorm, prepare, and run an PiWars (robotics) competition at (your) Home in 2021, where each team must build at home their competition challenges, program their desired robot and submit video proofs of their own robot passing, or solving each challenge.

A bit more work for roboteers, much more challenging for organizers as in 2021 they will have 86 competing PiWars teams to evaluate. As in 2020, Team unPi is a beginner team in 2021 as well, hopefully now we can take full advantage of this classification 🦾🤖🚀

Game On!

game on

Written on December 27, 2020